Can hamsters eat grapes ?

Hamsters can eat grapes, and they like this useful fruit. Grapes are berries, but not citrus fruits, so they are absolutely safe for hamsters. However, if you keep dwarf Djungarian hamsters prone to diabetes, then this product is not suitable for regular feeding.

To ensure the safety of grapes for hamsters, you can crush it and see if there are bones in it, or, in extreme cases, remove them yourself. Grape bones can carry the danger of suffocation for hamsters and should always be previously removed. And as mentioned earlier, dwarf species of hamsters should not be fed with a lot of sweet foods, and grapes contain a lot of sugar.

What kind of grapes do hamsters prefer? There is no evidence that hamsters prefer green or red grapes, so everything comes down to their personal preference. You can feed the hamster grapes every few days, and he certainly should not be the staple food of his food. Too much fruit and vegetables that contain fiber can cause indigestion and diarrhea.

Also be careful – hamsters like to store food and store it. Therefore, use fresh foods sparingly and every few days check that your hamster has eaten all its food.