Can hamsters eat peanuts ?

Yes, hamsters adore peanuts as a treat, but only if it is unsalted and unflavored. Peanuts are an excellent source of protein, which also contains saturated fats and no cholesterol. Therefore, this is an excellent snack for hamsters.

However, you should not feed your hamsters with large amounts of peanuts, too much of one even a good product can have adverse consequences. Peanuts contain aflatoxin, which in large quantities can be harmful to hamsters.

When choosing food, you need to take into account the age, habits, health of the pet. To find the right diet, it is worth familiar with the nature and behavioral characteristics of rodents in the wild.

Fluids of hamsters do not drink much, they store the bulk of forages “in reserve”, so if your pet tries to dig food in a secluded place in the cage – do not hinder it, but rather reduce the portion of food.

Feeding hamsters is recommended twice a day: the main portion should fall on the evening, the feed should be quality and balanced, buy it is recommended in specialized stores.