Can hamsters eat spinach ?

Yes, spinach is an excellent food for hamsters. Spinach leaves are rich in minerals and vitamins, which are ideal for the needs of a hamster. Like other greens, you can give spinach to hamsters every few days, and make sure that they do not develop diarrhea.

And although spinach is a great meal for a snack in hamsters, some of them can form gases. If you suspect that your pet is bloated, you should stop using spinach and pick up other vegetables. Like other fruits and vegetables, be sure to wash them in water before giving them to the hamster.

Can hamsters eat grass ?

Yes, hamsters can eat ordinary grass. This is one of the most natural types of food for them in the wild, but it is important to know about the harmful substances that can be in your garden or in the backyard.

It is important to thoroughly wash any grass that you are going to give your hamster. Avoid feeding grass in too large quantities, as this can cause stomach upset in your pet.