Can hamsters eat strawberries ?

Yes, hamsters can be given strawberries. Strawberries are another healthy enough sweet treat for hamsters, which can sometimes be given to your pets in a cut or solid form. Dwarf species of hamsters, prone to diabetes, should be fed strawberries very rarely and in small, tiny amounts. In addition, you can also use dried fruits that all hamsters like!

Before you feed strawberries to hamsters, you must remove leaves and green parts from them, as there is evidence that they can be toxic to them. Be careful and just remove them.

Hamsters are desert animals living in the steppes. Where it is extremely rare to drink water, hamsters are used to getting the right amount of liquid from succulent fodder. But this does not mean that there would not be a drink in the cage.

If you are sure that your hamster does not drink from the drinker and in sufficient quantity receives juicy food, then the drinker can be removed. You can put in a cage a small bowl with fresh water.

In addition to solid food, hamsters need to give fruits, vegetables and berries. Carrots, apples, pears, raspberries, etc. are suitable for them. Do not give citrus.