Can hamsters see in the dark ?

Yes, they can but not so good. Vision of rodents of different breeds can differ only in the radius of coverage, but its quality remains the same for all. For example, the size of the eyes of a Syrian hamster is slightly larger than that of a Djungarian, so the field of view will be slightly larger with a similar perception of colors and sharpness of the objects being distinguished.

Hamsters belong to myopic animals, which prevents them from seeing a clear picture of the world, even at a distance of one meter.

The world through the eyes of a hamster is a blurry outline of objects or moving bodies, among which only the perception of their contours and two shades – yellow and green – is available to the animal.

Despite the apparent scarcity of vision, rodents are well adapted to survival. This quality of perception for them – the best option, comfortable for a safe existence.

This feature is related to the way of life of animals that are born in the pitch darkness – the underground burrow, and in it spend most of the time. Sunlight causes acute discomfort to hamsters. They start squinting, always trying to avoid direct contact with the source of irritation.