Can hamsters swim ?

It is not known why the owners of tiny rodents so often wonder – do hamsters know how to swim. Theoretically, all mammals, even completely unsuitable for it, can keep on water. And if you check whether giraffes can swim, yet nobody succeeded, then with rodents and laggings the question is solved unequivocally: they know how. However, before you run your pet into the water, read this article in more detail, to find out why it can not be done.

In nature, a hamster swims in case of acute necessity: to escape from a fire, a predator, if the mink flooded with flood. Ordinary hamster is very different from the decorative toddler appearance and character: a strong, aggressive animal with a length of 30-40 cm, he can stand up for himself.

Such hamsters know how to swim and get out of the water, but still avoid it. In water, the rodent is helpless against predators, undergoes hypothermia, and the wet fur loses its remarkable properties.

There is an opinion that it is the cheek pouches that help him to swim a long distance, which he fills with air. Although this animal lives mainly in the steppes (Kazakhstan, Siberia, the European part), water bodies are found on its territory.