Can hedgehogs swim ?

European hedgehogs swim well, although sometimes they can not get out of the lake with steep banks. The animals mastered the movement on the water to survive among the rivers, lakes and swamps of Eurasia. But African hedgehogs can not swim and, falling into a pond or a barrel of water, will inevitably perish.

Unlike mongooses, which are completely immune to snake venom, hedgehogs – great fans of hunting snakes – are only partially resistant to it. From the damaging action of animals, the protein erinacin protects, but if the snake manages to bite the hedgehog several times, the fight may end not in favor of the beast.

The main rescue of the hedgehog is needles. The aggressor provokes the snake to attack and, when it rushes, puts out sharp spines. When the strangled enemy is extinguished, the hedge jumps on the snake and bites its ridge.

To get rid of slugs, gardeners put beer traps – they dig in a tank with beer, and then collect pests that crawl to the bait. Jerzy also likes to drink – like many other animals, they like the taste of the drink. And like all booze, the animals get drunk and even fall asleep next to the trap. If a hedgehog drinks too much, it will be poisoned by alcohol with all the attendant symptoms