Can kangaroos swim ?

Yes, kangaroos can swim. Kangaroos can not move their paws independently of each other: they always move them simultaneously – as if they are connected. However, during the voyage, for reasons unknown so far to science, they move them independently.

They feed on marsupials with leaves of trees and shrubs, bark, roots, shoots, some species hunt insects and worms. They dig or dig or cut their teeth, it should be noted that they usually do not have upper canines, or they are poorly developed, but there are two large incisors on the lower jaw (another interesting fact is that they, in their difference from most mammals, teeth are constantly changing).

Marsupials are very well suited to drought, so they can completely walk for several days and even months without water (most of the liquid they take from plant foods).

If they still feel very thirsty, paws dig a well a meter deep, and get to the precious moisture (along the way helping others, suffering from a lack of water, animals). At this time, they try not to waste energy in vain: in months of drought, they move less and spend more time in the shade.