Can mice climb ?

Yes, they can and they do it very well.  Noise and squeaking at night, a heat insulation in the floor, an unpleasant smell? You, apparently, have mice. These seemingly innocuous favorites of Disney cartoons are a real headache for all houses in all countries, for the solution of which every year new technologies are invented, and even new breeds of animals are brought out.

And what methods do you have to deal with them? And how to protect the abandoned sauna or cottage without supervision? Now we’ll find out everything.

So, let’s see what difficulties can create ordinary house mice under the floor: Constant noise at night. Gnawed cables, wires and pipes of some materials. Insulated heaters. Specific and not very pleasant “mouse” smell in the house. Mouse waste found in the morning, where possible. The danger of contracting rodent-borne diseases.

And now imagine, that for a year the female gives up to 7 mice in each of 10 annual litters. Those. For 12 months in your house there will already be 60-70 new rodents! And every mouse grows up within just three months, and also begins to multiply. In this case, the mice are quick animals: they can develop speeds up to 12 km / h, jump to 75 cm in length, and up to 40 cm in height. Just do not let this problem take its course – they will eat the house.