Can mice jump ?

Of course mice can jump and they do it well. Since mice live in zones with different climates, they need to adapt to different living conditions, and mice have not one but several ways of adaptation: Activity throughout the year. These animals make reserves on a “rainy day” all year round.

But they can do without stock if their place of residence is shops, apartment houses or food stores; Seasonal migrations – closer to winter, mice migrate from their natural habitat to places that are located near human habitation, and spring back;

In order to maintain optimal body temperature in hot or cold seasons, the mouse must move too much, and for this it absorbs a lot of food.

The whole life cycle of this rodent depends on the body temperature. If the mouse does not move in the winter, it will freeze, and if it does not move in the summer, during the hot season, the body will produce excess heat that can kill the animal.