Can mice see in the dark ?

No, mice┬ácan’t see in the dark. Very interesting in mice sight. It is well developed, they need to see danger at a distance. But in white mice, that is, those who live like a pet as pets, vision is much weaker for the simple reason that they do not need to hide from danger.

The skeleton is strong, reliable and elastic, color gray with various shades, that is, exactly the one that hides the animal from a quick glance, the movements are fast, brisk, deft, each part of the body is clearly honed by time for its specific functions and copes with them perfectly , otherwise the animal would not have survived to our days since the Paleocene times.

A very interesting feature of the organism of this rodent is the structure of the dental system. Mice have molars and two large pairs of incisors that do not have roots, and because of this they constantly grow by 1 mm per day. To ensure that such teeth do not grow to terrible size and, elementary, fit in the mouth, the mice are forced to constantly grind them.

Curiously, many mice have a color vision, but they do not perceive the full color gamut. For example, these rodents perfectly see yellow and red colors, but blue and green are not distinguishable.