Can parrots talk ?

Yes, parrots can talk. Parrots are very unusual birds. They cause unprecedented interest among people due to their exotic appearance, bright color and high, as for birds, mental abilities. But the most important reason for the high popularity of parrots is their ability to talk. That’s just why and how they do it, no one knows for sure.

It is probably necessary to start with the fact that parrots have a very different language structure from most other bird species – they are very fat and fleshy. Some researchers see the reason for the “talkability” of parrots precisely in this.

However, the starling, raven and lyrebird tongue is thin and structurally the same as the rest of the birds, but they are also able to speak beautifully. But the birds from the falcon family (eagle, falcon, hawk, peregrine falcon) language is exactly the same as the parrots, but they were never noticed after pronouncing at least one word.

The fastest and best of all to speak are the gray African parrots and the macaw. Why so unknown.

Most biologists believe that parrots, like other speaking birds, simply remember individual words and phrases, and then they are repeated. Those. there is no talk of any thinking process here, however many owners of feathered talkers note that parrots often utter some meaningful phrases. For example, they can say the name of a person entering the room, tell a short joke when everyone laughs …