Can rabbits eat apples ?

Apples can be given to rabbits. They are one of the varieties of juicy forages and the animals are useful. Naturally, we are talking about the fruits that were grown on the private plot. It is rational to include in food products during the ripening season, that is at the very end of summer or in the fall. At the beginning of summer, it is not worth offering rabbits an unripe fruit, and they are unlikely to want to eat them. If eaten, it can lead to digestive disorders.

In autumn, fruits can be cut into large pieces. To introduce them into the diet, you need to gradually, at first in a small piece, then increasing the volume. Bones to remove there is no need, they are easily digested. But everything is good in moderation. Add them to the diet in a day, alternating with other juicy and combining with green fodder. If you are preparing for the winter, you can make apple juice, but the cake, left after harvesting, give to rabbits.

Store apples specially to buy does not make sense – they can easily be replaced by other feeds (carrots, salads, raw potatoes, greens, zucchini), and the price will be lower. But if suddenly it happened that in winter there were unnecessary store apples and you decided to give them to the animals, be sure to peel the skin. It is treated with special formulations for long-term storage, so it can be harmful.