Can rabbits eat beetroot ?

Very often people ask the question: Can rabbits eat beetroot ?  Beetroot belongs to a juicy forage, but you can not be confused – this plant grows three varieties: fodder, sugar and canteens. So, for feeding rabbits categorically forbidden red table Beetroot – in a few hours, the animal opens diarrhea and save a pet in this case is very difficult.

The situation is different with fodder and sugar Beetroot – they can be safely introduced into the diet of rabbits, but gradually.

Juicy food is also carrots, rabbits gladly eat it.

Rabbits – animals are herbivorous, depending on the time of year their food consists of greenery in the summer, rough and juicy forages in the winter. In addition to these basic feeds, rabbits, depending on their age, need mineral and vitamin supplements, concentrates.

When preparing foraging for the winter, it is necessary to take into account that rabbits need high quality requirements, they have poor digestion and digestion of coarse vegetation, which contains a lot of crude fiber (such grass is mown to hay overgrown).

What exactly can you give to rabbits? Consider the main groups of feeds.