Can rabbits eat cabbage ?

Cabbage remains the most popular association with rabbits to this day. Ask any person: “What do rabbits eat?” And nine out of ten will answer you: “Carrots and cabbage.” Therefore, many beginners rabbit breeders, through ignorance, begin to feed their pets with these delicacies.

Indeed, rabbits love cabbage, but it is not useful to them, especially in large numbers. Cabbage refers to succulent fodder, and its juice can cause quite serious problems with the stomach of a rabbit. The most dangerous is white cabbage, and the closer the leaves to the stump – the more juicy, and therefore more dangerous. A cob is the most harmful to domestic rabbits.

If you want to still pamper your rabbit with cabbage leaves, then let’s better the upper leaves that have already wilted, and in small quantities. A treat for a domestic rabbit is broccoli and cauliflower. These varieties, you can also pamper your pet.