Can rabbits eat cucumber ?

Today we will try to make out whether cucumbers can be rabbits. As a matter of fact small rabbits to 1 month, I certainly would not experiment and give them in the feed. Adult rabbits and already grown, about 3 months, can be added to feed. But you can not feed constantly, most likely there will be diarrhea. Feed the rabbits every other day, but in small pieces.

Immediately add the cucumber can not, with the first feeding try to give a small part and see what happens, how the rabbits will behave. The most important thing is to remove seeds from cucumbers, then in a day you can add to the diet and slowly increase the weight of the cucumber given.

If the rabbit refuses to use cucumbers in the diet, try to repeat the procedure in a couple of weeks. If neither of which can be changed, it can be removed from the diet of feed.

To summarize: Rabbits can have cucumbers, but not in large quantities and not every day. I’ll give free advice, it’s better to give your cucumbers from the beds. Store and purchase is not clear where I would not advise, I personally have not tried and are not going to, they do not understand what is contained, what substances are clearly not useful, most likely. If you have a desire, then feed your luck)) at your own peril and at the same time the purchased ones are very expensive for rabbits and it is not profitable to feed them with such food.