Can rabbits eat pumpkin ?

Can rabbits eat pumpkin ?  Of course, because it contains a lot of useful substances, with the regular addition of a pumpkin to the diet, the animal becomes more attractive externally. Crowd pumpkin like to taste, it has a lot of vitamins, although not a lot of proteins and fiber. Such a product is stored for a very long time, practically all the winter the pumpkin retains useful properties. Keep it better in a ventilated dry and warm room.

For nursing rabbits, it will be an excellent supplement, because it contributes to the production of milk, wool becomes better in quality, the rabbits later become more enduring and active. Autumn, September – the best time for fattening animals, it is then and there is a harvest of pumpkin.

It is offered to give it both in raw form, cut into pieces, and in cooked form. Owners of rabbits noted that the animals are more willing to eat boiled puree. Pumpkin for rabbits – this is a juicy vegetable, which can be added to mixed fodder, then the nutritional value at times will increase.