Can rabbits eat watermelon ?

With the onset of the watermelon season, many rabbit breeders have the opportunity to give these berries to the food of their wards. Although of course not many can afford it on an ongoing basis, because not everyone has their own watermelon field, friends who plant it or the opportunity to type watermelons on an abandoned field. This opportunity is mainly in the southern regions of our country.

The inclusion of watermelon in the diet of rabbits, gives them the opportunity to receive additional microelements and vitamins. Watermelons are undoubtedly needed by rabbits, it’s not for nothing that their wild brethren constantly visit the watermelon fields and leave the water-melted watermelons in memory of their presence. Watermelons are rich in vitamin B and E.

Before you give a watermelon to rabbits you need to know that its flesh can cause them to bloat. But that’s not all, in the process of eating the pulp in all rabbits the muzzle gets wet, and this is not good. The fact is that if rabbits live in the open air their wet and sticky muzzle can become the target of flies and other mucks, and in general the wet muzzle will quickly turn into dirty, and when keeping rabbits, one of the most important rules is cleanliness. From all of the above, it should be concluded that the watermelon can be given to rabbits and even necessary, but before that, it needs to cut out the flesh leaving it only for a couple of centimeters. It’s about as if this watermelon was eaten by a man.