Can rabbits swim ?

Yes, rabbits can swim, but they don’t like it.┬áRabbits have a high early maturity. If the piglet doubles its weight by 15 days of age and the calf – to 47 days, the rabbit achieves such results by six days. By the age of a month the weight of rabbits increases about 10 times.

Such an intensive growth of suckling rabbits is largely due to the high nutritional value of rabbit milk. On average, it contains 15% protein, 10 to 20% fat, about 2% sugar and 2.5% mineral salts. Milk rabbits of early maturing species, with proper feeding by the intensity of growth, exceed the meat chickens.

Sexual maturity of rabbits also reach early, already 4-5-month-old females can be put into mating. Bunnies are fertilized and give offspring at any time of the year.

No kind of fur-bearing animal, no domestic animal can give such rich in variety of natural colors of assortment of beautiful and cheap furs of the broadest consumption, like rabbits of our Eastern European breeds.