Can squirrels eat chocolate ?

It turns out that squirrels love not only nuts, but also chocolate. For example, this animal managed to find a chocolate candy filled in the park of Glasgow and, having climbed higher, began to eat!

Mike McGark was just walking around the park and noticed a squirrel swarming in a trash can near one of the shops. A second later, the beast jumped out of the basket, holding the candy that had been thrown out of the paws. Squirrel quickly looked around and, without thinking twice, jumped on the nearest tree.

Conveniently sitting on a branch, the squirrel tore off the foil and dug its teeth into the delicate chocolate. It seems that the animal was not the first time to eat sweets, since Mike thought that the squirrel knows what it does!

“It was a pleasure to watch the squirrel. She behaved very carefully and constantly looked around, as if afraid that she would take away the cherished chocolate. At the same time, it was evident that the animal obviously enjoys every bit of delicacy. Squirrel was so in a hurry to eat a chocolate bar, that after a few moments her whole face was covered with white stuffing! “, Mike McGark recalls with a smile.