Can squirrels swim ?

Yes, squirrels can swim, but they don’t like to swim so much. Squirrels are representatives of the squirrel family. They belong to the genus of rodents. The genus Sciurus includes about thirty species. Species of these species inhabit Europe, the temperate belt of Asia, North and South America – not found only in Australia.

The squirrel is characterized by the presence of an elongated body. The tail is furry and long. The color of the fur is usually dark-brown (except for the white abdomen). In the winter, it can be gray. Squirrels settle their nests exclusively on trees.

Squirrels are quite prolific animals. Pregnancy lasts approximately 35-38 days, after which a brood consisting of three to ten cubs appears on the light. The self-life of squirrels begins at the age of eight to ten weeks. This small rodent inhabits forests, city parks. Often found in fairy tales.

Fur of the squirrel is very valuable. For squirrels there is a characteristic reserve – often they hide nuts in the ground (they are often forgotten about them). Squirrels can easily be accustomed to the hands. If a person begins to feed her, the squirrel in the next few days comes to him for another portion of food.