Can swans fly ?

Of course swans can fly. Although swans can resist the attacks of small predators (raccoons, foxes and even coyotes), but they have many enemies. The above-mentioned animals can ruin a masonry left unattended or kill a chick, in the water the chicks can be threatened by otters, and crocodiles are able to eat and adult birds.

A considerable danger lurks in the air: eagles, kites and other birds of prey are hunting for swans.

People on one side always admired the beauty of swans, on the other – they were hunting them. In the Middle Ages, the swan was considered a game of aristocrats, so they were mass-produced to feed the nobles to the table. As a result, almost all types of swans have become rare.

The most widespread in Europe swan-mute in the early twentieth century disappeared in most of the range. Fortunately, swans are well tamed and get along well in captivity. Thanks to the breeding of birds in the nurseries, it was possible to re-acclimatize the swan-swan in many parts of the range.

Swan swallows and black swans are one of the most common ornamental birds, they can often be seen on the ponds of urban parks.