Can turkeys fly ?

Are the turkeys flying if they have a feeding trough full, light and dry, and is there enough space in the aviary or in the courtyard? Yes, all the same turkeys fly. And to keep them from flying you can, if you apply special, long-proven methods in practice.

The business of roving turkeys is profitable. The turkey eats three times more food than the chicken, but it also grows faster. For eight months, its weight can reach 25 kg!

And the question of whether turkeys fly will fall off quickly. All will be clear when the first chicks will grow up.

Do turkeys fly if they are well fed? Unfortunately yes. A huge bird weighing more than thirty kilograms can reach speeds of up to 25 km / h. Therefore, without the foregoing ways to prevent flights, you can not do. Unless to get in an economy of broad-chested white turkeys. Turkeys of this breed do not know how to fly at all.

Small turkeys are kept in cages or in specially adapted for this dry and bright rooms, and when they are already strong and grow up, they transfer it to an enclosure. If the enclosure is not adapted to contain turkeys, there is not enough grass, there is not enough space, this will be the first reason why turkeys fly.