Can wild turkeys fly ?

Yes, wild turkeys can fly and do it very well. Like all chicken, turkeys prefer to move around the land, walking long distances. Their wings are relatively small, however they fly better than pheasants and peacocks.

To fly, they resort only in special situations: when they take off for trees to sleep or in search of food. However, in case of danger, turkeys prefer to flee from the enemy, and only if he is too close, fly up. Usually they fly about 100 m (less than 400 m), sit down again and continue to run. There is a good reason for such behavior. The fact is that the turkeys are magnificent runners, which is quite unexpected for such heavy birds.

In the ophthalmic turkey, the unperverted parts of the head and neck are blue, relatively smooth, without wrinkles, and the males and females look identical. On their head they also have a small “horn”, “warts” are also present, but they look different than a normal turkey.

They have a neat spherical shape, and thanks to a bright yellow color from a distance resemble corn or exotic pearls, randomly scattered on the body.