Capybaras – information

Basically capybaras are active in twilight, and the day is carried out in water so that the body does not overheat. The animals mate throughout the year, with the peak coming for the rainy season. The dominant male tries to mate with all females, which turns out to be rare, especially if the group is large. At the same time the female takes courtship of all the gentlemen.

Mating takes place in water, and usually lasts only a few seconds. After 5 months of gestation, 2 to 8 small capillaries appear on the light. They are already covered with hair, have teeth, and only a week after birth can eat solid food.

However, the offspring feed on milk up to 3 months, and they are fed not only by the mother, but also by other females in the group (the feeding process is shown in the photo). Also joint efforts are carried out and guardianship of young animals from danger.

In translation from the language of the Indians, the word “capybara” is translated as “master of herbs”. This is a very good characterization of the animal, since it is herbs and aquatic plants that are its main food. Less commonly, fruits and bark are used, and also capybaras are coprophagous – they eat their litter to better absorb substances from malnutrition food.

In the South American markets, rodent meat enjoys a good demand, although opinions on its taste are very diverse. It is noteworthy that in the time of colonization by America, the Catholic Church ranked the capybara to fish, which allowed its use on Thursdays. By the way, such a decision was previously made by the Pope and with respect to the river beaver in Europe.