Catfish – information

Catfish is the largest now predatory fish that can be found. She has an elongated large body of green or brown, a huge head with only small brushes, as well as with small, and sharp enough teeth in her mouth. A very long thin mustache is also one of the characteristics of this fish.

Wholly dependent solely on where the fish dwells, its color will range from deep black immediately to very light yellow, it’s rare for anglers to catch special specimens of an albino catfish¬†that will be white.

The length of the catfish will be about five meters at a maximum, and the weight is about three hundred kilograms, but the age is about one hundred years. But to meet an ordinary catfish long-liver today – this is a huge rarity. In the average modern world, fish will live a maximum of twenty years and reach a weight of about eighty kilograms.

This fish, quite common both in rivers from the European side of Russia, and in lakes. The maximum heat-loving catfish can be found in the sea.

Many now mistakenly believe that the catfish is a scavenger fish, which will only eat dead fish or spoiled food as their food. But still it is not entirely correct. The main food for each young active catfish is the fry, or small representatives of crustaceans and any waterborne existing insects.

Already at a wealthy age, an active young predator will prefer only live fish, and even small mammals. In addition to the standard personal diet, a fairly large fish of the catfish family will attack any smallest domestic animals, for example, floating birds. There are also popular cases of catfish hunting only for humans and sometimes cannibals, as giant fish can easily swallow prey, which is not inferior to it in size and in the weight category.

The family of catfish always prefers only very deep standing, not flowing waters. Hunting this fish is very unusual, it will lie only on its back and quietly wait for its next victim.