Catfish is a giant fish. It is the largest predator living in fresh water. Belongs to the catfish family. In the reservoirs of Russia common catfish are common. It sometimes reaches a length of 3 m, weight 300 kg. Scientists believe that such giants are about 80-100 years old, but catfish weighing 10-20 kg often come across. Their body is covered with a thick layer of mucus, the skin is dark with a greenish tinge.

The largest number of this thermophilic fish reaches in the basins of the Caspian, Aral, Azov and Black Seas, mainly in the estuaries and deltas of the rivers Volga and Don. In the basin of the Arctic Ocean this fish is not.

Catfish in any river does not happen much, so to catch such a trophy is real luck. And to increase your chances, you need to know where the catfish live, where this fish place. When catching such fish it is not enough just to throw money, first you need to specify the places of dwelling of the catfish.

Catfish do not tolerate sunlight, they like to hide in deep ravines, where the rays do not pass. If there is a fallen tree nearby, then this place should also be taken into consideration. In places where the current is strong, the chance to catch catfish decreases. These fish like a terrain with vegetation and if there are sharp beaches, then maybe they hid in the caves there. Also catfish like a muddy bottom.

Plots with lots of algae, fallen trees and if the place is quiet, then it can be a real paradise for catfish of any size. True fisherman when catching, this gives some inconvenience, in the form of difficult cross-country. From shore to deep places not reach, so the boat is one of the most important accessories when catching such fish. But do not go on a boat to the intended place at close range, it will scare away the fish. It is advisable to be at a distance and the further, the better. Catfish live almost everywhere, whether it is a river, a lake or a reservoir.

Catfish is a freshwater predator. The range of its diet is wide enough – from mollusks and frogs to large pikes. He eats ducks, geese and other waterfowl, as well as nutria, muskrat and even dogs that swim across the pond. Do not disdain catfish and carrion, and if they get hungry, they even attack completely inedible things, such as rags.