Cats – information

Many owners of cats not without reason believe that their pets are able to predict the future and, in particular, the return to the house of one of its inhabitants. One woman told me that it is on the behavior of a cat that she learns about the arrival of friends, as the cat before their visit goes to the dining room and begins to wash herself diligently.

Cats are able to travel a great distance to get to the house. This is what made one New York cat, whose owner, when moving to another state, forgot to take the pet with him. Five months later, the unfortunate cat found his master himself, having overcome more than 3,5 thousand km. One day the cat just went into the house and curled up in a ball in his favorite chair.


Cats are aliens! This is the unanimous assertion of even the most respected scientists who suspect of these animals from other planets in these animals. In their opinion, the main task of cats is to observe the beings living on Earth, and the proof of their extraterrestrial origin is simply amazing abilities that other terrestrial animals do not have.

Some people are afraid of cats, and this is due not to ancient beliefs in the witchcraft of animals, and the usual … phobia! In the presence of cats, such people sit motionless, fearing that otherwise this terrible beast will notice them. And the cat is just this and is interested in: she gladly climbs into the hands of a motionless man! According to rumors, Napoleon Bonaparte himself suffered from such a phobia.

Cats love to sleep on paper – for them this rustling material is the warmest and softest, so choosing a place for resting a pet, it is worth considering its taste.

The first representatives of cats of our time stand out about 12 million years ago.

Isaac Newton, who is known as the discoverer of the law of attraction, invented the door for domestic cats.

With their cats talking 95% of their owners.