All domestic cats, so different in appearance, had a common ancestor – a wild cat. And also our purrs have formidable relatives – they are tigers, lions, leopards and other predatory animals. In ancient times, in some countries cats were considered sacred animals. Temples were built and decorated in their honor. And those who offended cats were expected to face severe punishment.

When the cat died, it was solemnly buried, like a king – a pharaoh. Many superstitions are associated with these animals. For example, in one country it was believed that a black cat – unfortunately. And in the other, on the contrary, it promised good luck. All cats – even domestic ones – are very independent and like to walk “by themselves”.

A cat is an amazing animal. For example, she can follow just a few mouse holes, sensitively catching the slightest rustle. A cat can see well both day and night. But those who think that she sees in total darkness are mistaken. But the cat’s eyes can really glow at night. They glow with reflected light. In the dark, the pupils of the eyes open wide, and in bright light they narrow into a thin vertical line. They can even look at the sun without much harm to the eyes.

Long white mustaches, hairs on the eyebrows are called vibrations. They are very important for the animal: with their help, it discovers obstacles or prey in the dark – in a deep mink or crevice. The cat walks very quietly, on the paws of her soft “pads.” And if you need to grab a mouse or climb a tree, sharp claws are used. A long, flexible tail helps her to keep her balance and land on her paws in a jump or falling from a height.

Nowadays many different breeds are brought out: there are cats almost without wool, and there are with ears lowered … And even without a tail! But all of them are divided into two large groups – short-haired and long-haired. It’s hard to say which kind of cats are the most beautiful. Everyone is beautiful. Many like graceful Siamese cats. More than 100 years ago the king of the country Siam (Thailand) sent to Europe several dozen Siamese cats. And now this breed can be found everywhere.

Kittens are born blind, helpless. Mom feeds them with milk and takes care of them. Carries the kids into a more reliable, from her point of view, place. And, of course, protects from danger. And kittens, like all kids, like to play. If the cat does not offend, it becomes a true friend. There are cases when a cat, even if she was taken very far away, returned home after going through a long and difficult journey.