The chameleon is a unique animal. He is able to change color. Moreover: one side of the chameleon can be, for example, bright red, and the other – green. Changing the color chameleon merges with surrounding objects, it becomes invisible.

If he is angry or alarmed, the chameleon very quickly “repainted”. His skin turns black, the animal puffs up, doubles from its normal size, hisses like a snake and shows a bright red mouth. Chameleon changes color depending on humidity, light and temperature. Its coloring can change when it is hungry, frightened, irritated, thirsty.

He can look with one eye back, and the other forward and, is able to see everything around him without turning his head. No other animal can do it. As a rule, his movements are slow, but if necessary, he is able to show extraordinary speed and agility. Chameleon can jump from branch to branch. On the ground, he moves awkwardly, legs wide apart and leaning on his tail. In the water he is unable to move, but he does not sink.

The chameleon’s fingers look more like claws. They help the animal to hold on tightly to the thin branches of trees and move along them. He can hang on trees, keeping his tail. His tail is wide at the base, gradually narrowing towards the end. The chameleon can spiral twist it and twist the branches or trunk of a tree.

The chameleon eats different insects and small invertebrates. The largest of them eat small lizards and birds. Food, he captures the language. His language is very long. In some species, the length of the tongue is longer than the length of the body. With his help, the chameleon deftly grabs insects at a considerable distance, without moving.

The chameleon does not usually pursue the victim. He waits motionless until the prey itself approaches the right distance. If necessary, he slowly moves toward the victim, until the distance to it reaches the length of the tongue. Then he slightly opens his mouth, lightly throws out his tongue and brings it back together with the captured prey. The tongue is covered with a viscous secret, capable of gluing the victim and bifurcated at the end, so the chameleon can grab food as if by tweezers. With tongue, the chameleon can lick the dew.

Chameleons know how to “dance”. On the ground or on a branch the chameleon first freezes motionless, rotating only with his eyes. Then he slowly lifts one front and the opposite hind leg and rhythmically swings back and forth. Stepping once, he again freezes in place, lifting a second pair of legs and repeating everything again. At the same time he continuously rotates his eyes – back, forward, up, down. Scientists think that so chameleons communicate with each other.