Chihuahuas – information

Despite its small size, the chihuahua is a fairly strong dog with a compact, compact body structure. The length of the body is slightly larger than the height at the withers. In males, the trunk is usually almost square, and in females it may be slightly elongated.

Head of a characteristic shape with a markedly rounded skull, which is a distinctive feature of the breed. The foot is clearly allocated, complete. The muzzle is small, broad at the base and slightly narrows toward the nose of a dark color, slightly upturned. Lips are dry, closed, scissor bite or straight. A noticeable undershot or undershot is considered a flaw. Eyes large, round, very expressive, dark, not bulging.

Large, erect ears, as if a little too large for such a small head, they give the dog an expression of constant interest. At the base of the ears are wide, slightly tapering to the tips, while resting slightly deviate to the side at an angle of 45o. Slightly curved, slightly elongated neck smoothly connects with a dense and strong body. For long-haired breeds, the neck is framed with wool, which is very desirable.

Back is short, strong and straight, withers slightly prominent. The thorax is deep and wide, reaches to the elbows, the ribs are correctly rounded. The line of the bottom is underlined by a noticeably tucked up stomach. The tail is set high, moving high, slightly curved in the shape of a semicircle, the tip of the tail looks down. During rest, the tail is lowered. Never hang between hind legs or curl below the ridge line. The wool on the tail of longhaired breeds resembles a feather.