Chihuahua – small, but quite sassy, ​​the dog is distinguished by his personality and perseverance. She knows what she wants, and does her best to achieve what she wants. Despite the small size, this breed can be an unsurpassed watchman, and all thanks to the sonorous barking.

It should be noted that the chihuahua is a dog that actually burst into show business. A lot of pop stars began to appear in front of the cameras with this miniature dog. In addition to the stars, the owners of this breed are many politicians and oligarchs, the pet has become an indispensable attribute of secular parties held by the people. It was with this that the peak of the popularity of the Chihuahua began. This popularity is very justified, because the animal is very attached to its owner, and its piercing, sometimes funny eyes can clearly express the feelings and emotions of the dog.

Despite the myriad of positive qualities that the Chihuahua possesses, one should not think that this cute dog is suitable for families with children. Indeed, with a chihuahua you can live even in a small apartment, walk, without much trouble traveling, but here’s the content in the house where there are small children – this is a controversial issue. The fact is that Chihuahua is fragile enough and vulnerable dog, this is the key of the problem! During the games, children can injure the animal, create discomfort and discomfort to the animal, and this causes stress, sometimes even serious fright. And, if the chihuahua is in a stressful state or is afraid, then there is a risk that the animal will be protected and can even bite the child!

Chihuahua, like most other dogs, does not accept aggression towards oneself. A dog needs correct, consistent training and control over behavior. This will prevent the possibility of aggressive behavior of the pet, which sometimes appears in dogs of this breed. Most dogs do not appreciate their real size, the Chihuahua is no exception. This can cause it to come into conflict with an animal of a larger size, which, naturally, will lead to injuries.