Chipmunks – information

Chipmunk – a small animal with a long fluffy tail – resembles a squirrel. And it’s not surprising: the squirrel, like the gopher, is a relative of the chipmunk. The chipmunk has a reddish-gray coat with thick and warm fur, decorated with black stripes. But these strips are not the same as a zebra or a tiger. They are located along, and not across the body. On the curious muzzle of a chipmunk, the bright mustache flattens.

This agile, fast animal jumps, climbs trees well, deftly runs around the ground. Fallen trees, thickets, thickets of bushes to him is not a barrier, everywhere chipmunk finds its way.

Chipmunks live in the woods. Especially a lot of these nimble animals where cedars grow, because cedar nuts are the favorite food of the chipmunk. All day, from morning till night, the chipmunk is in trouble. He not only feeds, but also makes provisions for the winter.

In search of food chipmunk runs through long distances. But how to bring nuts or acorns to the storeroom? The chipmunk does not have pockets, but there are capacious cheek pouches. He will stuff them so that the cheeks will swell – and go home!

His chipmunk suits under the roots of trees, in the voids between the stones. Can also take a hollow tree. But most often the house of the chipmunk is an underground hole. It has several “rooms”: there is a warm bedroom, next to it there is a storeroom with stocks. There is even a toilet … The animal is very clean.

In the winter, the chipmunk is asleep, but not as tightly as a bear. Hungry – and in the pantry. And there all the stocks are arranged in groups. Here are mushrooms, here are berries, and here are nuts. Everything is dry, everything is intact and safe.

The chipmunk will eat – and lie down again.

There are a lot of stocks in the storeroom. Enough for the whole winter, and for the spring will remain!