Cockroaches – information

Cockroaches eat the remains of human food. As already mentioned, these insects are omnivores. It is best for them to eat what is left of human food – crumbs, leftovers. In addition, cockroaches adore sweet. If such a meal is difficult, then they try to find food among the garbage. Cockroaches do not disdain products of decay and other wastes. If there are no food remains in the garbage, the insects can eat plants, paper and skin.

Cockroaches reproduce by laying eggs. Sexual path is used for reproduction of cockroaches. Sometimes female cockroaches are capable of pathogenesis, from their unfertilized eggs can grow a normal individual. Usually, as a result, a male appears in the light. This is how the sex ratio of cockroaches is regulated. When the female is impregnated, she carries a ootheka in herself. In this capsule, eggs are stored. When the time comes, the female cockroaches lay eggs in a secluded place, inaccessible to other insects. However not all cockroaches reproduce so. There are viviparous species, for example, Madagascar cockroaches.

Cockroaches do not know how to bite. And again we remember the omnivorousness of insects. These creatures can eat any food of animal origin. When a person sleeps and is practically immobilized, cockroaches can even try to bite people.

Cockroaches feed on bedbugs. This is a fairly common misconception that is untrue. The fact is that between these creatures there is no natural competition for food. Cockroaches are omnivores, and bedbugs are bloodsucking. The first can attack the second only in an exceptional situation, when there is no other food.

Cockroaches do not make sounds. There are sizzling cockroaches. One kind is called – Madagascar hissing. When moving, these insects make a loud hiss. Thus, cockroaches are clearing their way, warning everyone that it is better to leave the road. This feature was even noticed by filmmakers and now in some films one can even hear cockroaches.

On the back of the cockroaches die. This is really so. If the cockroach falls on its back in a flat place, for example, on the surface of the table, then he himself will not be able to overturn. All he can do is twitch. As a result, the cockroach will die. If there are leaves, branches or pebbles on the surface, then the insect may well be able to catch on to them and be able to overturn. This is why substances that paralyze the muscles of insects are added to pesticides.

Cockroaches globally affect nature. It turns out that these creatures make a weighty contribution to global warming. Cockroaches every 15 minutes produce gases. And even dying, they continue to do this for about 18 hours. In total, all the gases released by insects on the planet constitute about a fifth of the methane emissions. Cockroaches the same gases in these 20 percent occupy an important place. So cockroaches have a certain impact on nature and on warming. Cows and termites can boast of this kind.

Cockroaches eat. In some countries, eat cockroaches, including for medicinal purposes, are especially appreciated in this regard, black cockroaches. It turns out that these insects contain three times more protein than chickens. In Chinese cuisine, candied cockroaches are a fairly popular dish.

You can destroy the cockroaches on your own. Many believe that it is possible to defeat annoying insects without calling specialists. However, making self-made baits, purchasing popular means not only does not lead to the final destruction of cockroaches, but only makes the situation worse. After all pests gradually get used to preparations, it is possible to reduce insects a little bit. Conventional household products have a point effect and do not have a long-term effect. So for a hundred percent guarantee of the release of cockroaches it will be better to take the help of professionals.