These insects on the planet have more than 4,500 species. Cockroaches are quite ancient creatures that lived back in the Paleozoic, hundreds of millions of years ago. These flat and very mobile creatures adore moisture and warmth. A number of cockroaches for their habitat have chosen a man’s dwelling, having tied his way of life to ours.

Despite the general dislike for these insects, they can not get rid of them. But it turns out that cockroaches have a number of amazing properties. True, some of them are even exaggerated with the help of myths. It is worth knowing more about such familiar, but also such mysterious ancient creatures.

Cockroaches are able to survive the nuclear winter, after which they will become the kings of nature. The well-known American program Destroyers of Legends conducted an interesting experience. Radioactive cobalt-60 was irradiated with red cockroaches, known more as the Prusaks, the flour beetles and the fruit fly flies. It turned out that the latter could tolerate higher doses of radiation than cockroaches. And best of all, the beetles have adapted to radiation. Scientists have found that cockroaches can withstand radiation, exceeding the death rate of a person by 15 times. So if these insects will undoubtedly survive the nuclear winter, serious rivals will meet them on the path to conquering the world.

Cockroaches can survive being underwater. And again this statement undertook to check “Destroyers of Legends”. For 20 minutes, five cockroaches were placed in a container of water. After that, the insects did not show signs of life, it seemed that they had died. However, a day later the cockroaches “came to life”, so this statement was true.

A cockroach can live without a head. This myth can be checked by everyone. For those to whom the result itself is important, but to engage in catching a poor cockroach and its torture, let us know right away that this is true. For a while these insects can really do without the head. The fact is that insects do not have such a circulatory system as in warm-blooded animals. As a result, cutting the head will not be accompanied by blood loss and will not end with a quick death. And the respiratory organs of cockroaches are represented by spiracles scattered throughout the body. Without food, this insect can live up to 45 days. So, having lost a head, the cockroach will lose the organs of sight and mustache, which it perceives. Death will come from hunger, about a month later. The poor creature will simply have nowhere to eat.

Cockroaches – peaceful creatures do not feed on other creatures. By their nature these insects are really non-aggressive. They’d rather run away than fight. Cockroaches subconsciously seek security, attacks on other creatures can not be said. However, it is worth remembering that these insects are omnivores. That is why a long absence of ordinary food can push them and attack on living beings. Only they must remain in a state of rest, for example, sleep and not visually appear dangerous.

Cockroaches can fly. Since cockroaches are insects, all species have wings. They make cockroaches similar to a seed, which allows them to be referred to this class of creatures. But not all cockroaches can fly. Only some species that live in wildlife have such a gift. And the vast majority of species, including redhead, and black cockroach fly under ordinary conditions can not. But during the breeding season, they can rise into the air. Also they are forced to spread the wings of the light source.

There are white cockroaches and albino cockroaches. Some species can really boast of representatives of white color. However, it is scientifically proven that there are no albino cockroaches in nature. These creatures can change their color for a few hours during molting. Then the old shell is dropped, and the new one has not yet received normal properties. Also white cockroaches can become due to the effects of certain types of poisons, in particular those used for domestic extermination of insects. If the apartment has unusual white cockroaches, then the victory of a person is already close.

Cockroaches do not pose a danger to humans. It turns out that an unpleasant appearance is not the most terrible of these creatures. They are quite dangerous for humans. In particular, the odor that stands out from the glands of such insects is unpleasant, some asthmatics react to it. And evaporation, coming from cockroaches, can cause allergies. The most important thing is that cockroaches are carriers of bacteria. That’s why you can not leave food at night on the table. After all, it will not only be a food source for cockroaches, they will also infect it. If these insects do not eat enough food, they will eat plants, paper and even skin. That is why the abundance of cockroaches in the house will be harmful not only for the person, but also for the surrounding environment.