Cows – information

Cow is the most important domestic animal in agriculture. It is loved and respected by a large number of people, especially farmers.

After all, it is this animal that brings people not only happiness, but also food. Milk, which gives a cow (every day!) Is very useful for people’s health. He also receives oil, which is not unimportant in people’s diet, yogurt, cheese and other useful products.

The cow in its size is a relatively large animal. She has a large, elongated head, the skull narrows closer to the jaw, large, beautiful dark eyes, large nose and ears. The body of this animal is elongated, with large, rather long four legs, legs are hooves, like a horse. Hooves, according to scientists, are modified fingers. The color of the cow is very different, depending on the breed of the cow, for example, the cow of the Dutch breed has a black color, sometimes with white spots.

The cow is very caring, it can be considered on the understanding of the upbringing of the offspring. She does it herself. His calf, and sometimes two, she is very fond of and does not allow anyone to offend him. A cow is a beautiful, intelligent and kind animal, and it is often called a sacred animal!

 Cows were one of the first domesticated animals, and until now they remain the main source of meat and milk. They are also used for heavy work. Most often they are kept in large herds on farms, but quite often peasant families contain one or two cows to get milk from them. Cows need careful care and plenty of land for grazing. The cow needs at least 2 hectares of good fenced pasture. She also needs a warm shelter.

The most famous breeds of cattle in Europe: black and white, red-motley, motley, angel (angler), simmental, brown, hinterwald (Black Forest), red, Charolais, Limousine, Gsrefordekaya, Scottish mountain, Longhorn Texas. In black and white breeds, the weight of the cow reaches 700 kg, and the mass of the bull is 1200 kg. A black and white cow gives up to 6,000 liters of milk per year.

 In Russia, the most common dairy Yaroslavl, Kholmogorsky, red Danish, red steppe, Ostfree and Anteln. The annual milk yield of these cows is 3000-4000 liters with a fat content of about 4%. Combined breeds, that is, simultaneously giving milk and meat, include Kostroma, Simmental, Schwitz, Red Gorbatov, Shorthorn, Red and Motley German.

 In some countries, wolves and cougars hunt cows. In India, a cow is considered a sacred animal, its meat is forbidden to eat there.