Crows – information

Crows are birds that are well known to all of us. No one considers them as strange birds. Who did not see a crow walking about the streets of noisy cities.

They are practically not afraid of people, but rather, they can attack when flying in packs. Numerous cases were recorded when birds attacked people. Crows are very easy to get along with a person in the same room, they can be tamed.

Very often in ancient mythology, these birds are mentioned. A crow and a crow are perceived as one character, without sharing them at all. Although in different ancient cultures they were messengers of different events. In each culture crows took a special place.

In European culture, they were messengers of the gods, and in the shamanic culture of North America it was perceived as a deity. In Celtic mythology, the crow was a deity that is associated with war and death. And in the Gallic culture, she was the symbol of the goddess of rivers and healing.

In Slavic mythology, the Crow was an assistant to evil forces. But to perceive them as messengers of something bad is not worth it, although all their behavior they confirm this opinion. Today, many keep these birds in their homes, tame, train them.