Deer – information

The mating period of deer, as well as many other animals, such as wolves, continues from April to November. In the body of the male, a lot of testosterone is released, which greatly affects its behavior. Before the beginning of the mating season deer compete with each other for the opportunity to possess one or another female flock. Such competitions are very often brutal.

The main male can have a harem, in which there are several females. Sometimes they can be about twenty. Bypassing your harem, or guarding it, the male can not eat very long. During the mating games, deer can make a loud roar, thereby attracting females. Exciting interesting facts about deer, do not you think so?

In the autumn, deer are strongly overgrown with wool, which helps them not to freeze in winter. A newborn deer weighs about fifteen kilograms. Pregnancy can last from two hundred to two hundred and sixty days. Kids have specks on the body, which eventually pass. Adult deer are separated from the herd, while the little ones live with their mother for a long time.

The reason for deer hunting is beautiful horns and meat. The deer still in ancient Rome was considered a symbol of the feast in honor of the goddess of hunting.

Man is the only threat to deer. To save energy reserves in times of food shortages, the metabolism of animals slows down, the heart of deer beats much more slowly. This helps maintain the necessary body temperature.

Nowadays, deer meat is sold in stores, in many restaurants meat is served from these animals. Venison is considered more nutritious than red meats. Animal horns are often used to make medicines. The deer antlers are sold as decorations for the house. In the past, they were a valuable hunter’s trophy. Most of the deer live in the forests of Europe and are on the verge of extinction. The deer is a universal auspicious symbol associated with the East, sunrise, light, purity, renewal, creation and spirituality.