The deer is a graceful animal with beautiful branching horns. Their closest relatives are roe deer, moose, with giraffes, they are also related. The size of this artiodactyl depends on the variety. For example, the majestic reindeer has a body length of about two meters, and weight – two hundred kilograms. The small crested one barely reaches one meter in length, and its weight is not more than fifty kilograms. The most deboned is a noble deer: it has an elongated neck and a slightly extended head.

All deer have strong muscular legs and fingers, set apart and connected by membranes. A lot of information about this horned handsome man you can find on the site of VilingStore. Some deer on the neck have longer hair than the whole body, and this gives them a noble appearance. You can determine the age of the animal in the teeth. Specialists pay attention to the degree of grinding of the canines and incisors.

The horns are his pride. Practically, all species, except water, have pantas, so they call horns. And this jewelry is worn only by the representatives of the stronger sex. In this species, females also have horns, but smaller in size. The swing of the horns is 120 centimeters. In the “Mammals” section you will find fascinating stories about these noble animals. Horns are needed by this artiodactyl for protection and attack. And also on their power depends the outcome of the duel of male individuals for the female.

For the reindeer, the antlers are also a tool of labor, with which they reach the yagel lying under the snow, which serves as food. Every year the males part with their horns, dropping them, so that new ones will appear by the new season. Specialists in the number of processes can easily determine the age of the deer.

In the wild, their life span is 15-20 years, and in a zoo where animals are well looked after, they live up to thirty years. In autumn, deer heavily overgrown with wool, which protects them from winter cold. The only threat to these noble animals is man. Beautiful horns and tasty meat attracts hunters. Horns are not only used as a decoration for a home, but also used for medical purposes. Of them, drugs are made. Come on VilingStore and get acquainted with a graceful representative of the wild nature.

These animals are absolutely unpretentious, so the habitat does not matter. Most live in Europe and are threatened with extinction. Most of the deer live in forests, except for the reindeer: it settled in the tundra. By nature, these animals are secretive, even, you might say, fearful.

In the area where people eat them, they quickly get used to the neighborhood. Food for these animals is everything that grows: branches of trees, succulent grass, acorns, chestnuts, like to eat nuts, fruits, berries, mushrooms. Especially these animals like to visit solons – places where the soil is rich in mineral salts, as licking salt – for them the best delicacy.