Difference between moth and butterfly ?

Butterflies and moths have much in common. Both those and others belong to the group of Lepidoptera. This name was given to them for their pollen-covered scales on their wings, which are damaged when someone touches them. But on this the similarities of the winged creatures do not end.

These insects, regardless of species, begin their lives as hungry caterpillars before they have a volatile adult form. They eat nectar flowers, complementing their diet and other fluids, such as full of minerals standing water and the juice of fallen fruit.

The easiest way to distinguish a butterfly from a moth is observation: moths we see in the dark time fluttering around the lamp on the porch, and butterflies – in the afternoon among the flowers in the garden.

Butterflies, for the most part, are brightly colored day insects with long antennae that thicken toward the end. And most moths fly at night, and they do not have a thickening at the ends of the antennae. Butterflies and moths have several differences in physical and behavioral characteristics that are easy to recognize and identify.