Do bears eat deer ?

Yes, but not usually. Brown bear (“grizzly”, as Americans call it), like its North American fellow black bear (“baribal”) is 75% fed by berries, nuts, grass, acorns and edible roots. He loves honey, for which he received the name.

In the spring the bear catches the salmon fish in the rivers, going to the spawn (sitting in shallow water, paws and grabs the shiny fish carcasses that gleam blue like the increased Blue Fox spinner and throws it ashore, and then chooses himself and eats them ). In the summer, he ravages anthills and other habitats of insects, eating them in huge quantities. Sometimes a bear hunts deer, roe deer, even wolves, and feeds on their meat.

The polar bear lives in the Arctic, around the North Pole of the Earth. She lives on the eternal and drifting ice, and feeds on seals, walruses, fur seals and other local inhabitants. Also can eat seaweed and grass.

A spectacled bear in South America eats mainly palm leaves, grass shoots, tubers and edible roots. Like his European counterpart, he likes to destroy termites and feast on sour ants (his muzzle is narrower than that of brown one, and it’s obviously more convenient for him to do it).