Do butterflies lay eggs ?

Yes, butterflies lay eggs, Butterflies multiply by a series of transformations. First, the butterfly lays an egg, the larva appears from the egg (caterpillar), the caterpillar becomes a pupa, and an adult butterfly emerges from the pupa (it is also called an imago).

First they find a partner and mate. After this, the female lays eggs. In different species, the number of eggs varies, maybe up to 1000. Of eggs, larvae (caterpillars) appear from eggs, are very active and eat a huge number of leaves. Rapidly grow and gain nutrients and strength for life.

Caterpillars are difficult to survive – they are eaten by birds, fed by their chicks, they are eaten by animals and even by humans. Therefore, many caterpillars have protective devices that save them – a bright coloring, thick hairs, masking the color and shape of the body, an unpleasant smell, and some caterpillars are poisonous.

After the caterpillar has accumulated nutrients for life, it becomes a pupa. At this stage, continuous changes occur – the caterpillar gradually turns into a butterfly. The butterfly leaves the cocoon, spreads its wings and dries them.