Do chameleons bite ?

Adult chameleons┬ácan bite, ┬átheir jaws are strong. But the chameleons┬áneeds to be irritated, that he bites, they all differ in temperament, some of them can’t bite so strong. Of course, Yemenis are more aggressive than paradigms and other species, but they also have exceptions.

Chameleons are lizards with a torso on both sides, a short neck and a long, tapering tail. With this tail, twisting into a spiral, they can grasp the branches and hold on tightly to the trees.

The skin of chameleons is covered with tubercles, and on the head many species have horns or some kind of crest. Paws, like human hands, have five fingers that look like small pincers. This form of legs allows you to cling even to the thinnest branches.

The eyes are round and surrounded on all sides by the skin with a small opening for the pupil. They have a very interesting feature: they can rotate independently of each other by 360 degrees. The tongue is very long and in an elongated state longer than the trunk and head.