Do ducks eat fish ?

Yes, ducks love to eat fish. In general, a duck is the most gluttonous bird. She eats from morning till late at night, eats everything that is not horrible: she plaits the young goose grass growing on the banks, eats mammy moss or silk, greens, color and all water plants, greedily swallows small fry, growling, frogs and all sorts of water, air and earth insects, due to the lack of all this stuff it is full of goiter and liquid mud and performs this operation several times a day.

Yard ducks willingly eat and all meat food. Such constant appetite is also answered by digestion: with extreme speed, all food is poured out and decomposed in its goiter.

In winter, ducks are given food three times a day. The spectrum of food ingredients has to be expanded, especially to the period of egg laying, that is, by March. At this time the layers are fed four times with wet buns consisting mainly of mixed fodders, additives and boiled vegetables. In addition, fresh drinking water should always be in the room.

Many prefer to keep not domestic, but wild ducks, in particular, mallards. Their meat is considered more delicious and dietary. There are no fundamental differences in the care of wild and domestic varieties. The only difference is that mallards are less voracious, but in a day they must necessarily get sliced ​​fresh fish.