Do elephants eat peanuts ?

And what about the peanuts think the greatest thinkers on Earth – the elephants? Do they eat peanuts? Perhaps, for some people these questions are also idle, but a real inquisitive mind wants to get to the truth in everything.

The elephants themselves can not be asked, but it is known that in nature they prefer other food. Simply, apparently, because it is too unproductive occupation – to dig a trunk in the ground, that as a result, after dirty tedious work, dig up a scattering of small products, which is not enough for one elephant tooth. It is much easier to break a branch with bananas and for one sip send a few pounds of tasty and healthy food to the stomach.

Another thing is the elephant in the zoo. Here he has all the conditions for gastronomic pleasures, and for lunch the servants serve and branches, and fruit-berries-vegetables, and bran, and bread. Some nosed gourmets even manage to clear the trunk of the trunk with a trunk.

Sometimes in zoos they get peanuts. So, in the American CALGARY ZOO after water procedures – when the elephants are refreshed, visitors often offer them peanut nuts with handfuls of hands, and any unbiased observer can see that the animals do not just eat them, but are directly glowing with happiness.