Do female elephants have tusks ?

Indian female elephants do not have tusks, and if there are, then they are not visible from the outside. Male tusks have a length of one and a half meters. One third of the tusk at the elephant is hidden in the body under the skull.

Now there are no elephants with huge tusks, since all the individuals with such tusks were beaten out by hunters centuries ago, and the length of the tusks is a genetically inherited trait.

Now you rarely see an elephant with tusks, which would be even half as much as that of its predecessors. Tusks grow in the elephant for life and are an indicator of his age. Elephants are “right-handed” and “left-handed”, because they adapt themselves to working with a right or left tusk.

Thus, they have one tusk shorter than the other, because it wears out more quickly. Tusks of elephants can be not only of unequal magnitude, but forms, and also grow sideways – by tusks and the shape of ears, scientists distinguish elephants.

African elephants have tusks, however, smaller than males. Male tusks are huge – the record was 4.1 m (they weighed 148 kg.). The length and weight of the tusks do not always correspond to each other: the heaviest tusks of the elephant, killed in 1898 by Kilimanjaro – 225 kg. in both canine teeth.