Do ferrets smell ?

Do ferrets smell ? Perhaps, this is the main myth about ferrets. In fact, it is worth dividing the two kinds of odors from these creatures. The first is the ferret’s scent in the race. If further breeding of ferrets is not planned, then the smell can be disposed of by castration.

The smell is slightly muscular, but not strong. It is quite possible to get used to it. They say that after releasing the jet, the ferret can kill all the hens in the henhouse, this, of course, is not the case. In addition, the smell is not persistent and well weathered, but it intensifies in moments of fear and excitement.

Ferrets need to periodically cleanse these glands, then, being in quiet conditions next to a person, they will gradually become unaccustomed to this ability, given by nature. Some veterinarians offer a simple operation to remove such glands. True, this kind of intervention is in any case carried over to the animals hard, this is clearly not the best solution.

Also, the ferret has glands under the eyes, they can not be removed. But if the animal is washed at least once a month, then the smell from it will almost certainly not be.