Do flamingos fly ?

Yes, flamingos fly, but they need a small take-off to get off the ground. During the flight, they pull their long necks and legs into one straight line. Flamingos create pairs during the mating season, but in the next season find other partners. Female and male together build a nest. The female lays only one egg in the season, which is guarded by both parents. After the chick hatches, both parents also bear responsibility for it and feed it.

The nest is usually built of mud and has a height of about 0.3 meters. Height allows you to protect it from floods and a very heated surface of the earth. After hatching, the chick has gray feathers, a pink beak and legs. They do not acquire the characteristic pink color of feathers up to 2 years.

Nestlings of flamingos after hatching remain in the nest for 5-12 days, they are fed with fatty substance with nutrients, which is produced in the upper parts of the digestive tract of parents. When a chick is growing up, it begins to feed itself along with the main group of birds in the so-called “manger”.

Flamingos have only a few natural enemies. In the wild they live to the age of 20-30 years, in captivity live more than 30 years.