Do foxes attack humans ?

Foxes doesn’t attack humans. But they can harm children. They¬†will not¬†attack anyone who is bigger then he. Fox is a cunning animal. And this feature is its main and distinctive feature. It helps the animal survive in any critical situation and find a way out of it.

A white fox animal is not a mythical being. In fact, these animals exist. They are very similar to their relatives with red hair.

You can meet them in the tundra, on the Scandinavian Kola Peninsula, in the Polar Eurasia and North America, in the south of the Baikal region, in Japan.

In nature, foxes live about seven years, at home, their life expectancy can reach 20-25 years.

Foxes as pets are all quite real and possible. Only before we need to know better how to properly handle them and observe some precautions.