Do garden snakes bite ?

Some types of¬†garden snakes bite some types don’t. You need to know what kind of snake live in your garden then answer to this question.¬†Garter or garden snakes (Latin Thamnophis) – a kind of snake family of the same, widespread in most parts of North America from Canada to Mexico, and Central America.

They occur both on the plains and at an altitude of up to 2,800 m above sea level, and although the preference is given to humid habitats, they also live in prairies, coniferous and mountain forests. The snake range includes both traditional frogs and their tadpoles, and newts, salamanders, fish, lizards, mice, shrews, small birds and even snails, earthworms, spiders and various insects. All this indicates a high ecological valence.

They lead a daily life. Mostly small in size – 50-80 cm, the exception is T. couchi gigas, reaching a length of 150 cm. The head of the representatives of this genus is slightly separated from the body, the dorsal scales of the kilevata; in color, depending on the species and subspecies, there are up to eight long longitudinal strips, between which there may be small spots.

A characteristic feature of the genus is a holistic pygidium, due to which it differs from the genus Nerodia. The definition of garter snakes before subspecies is very difficult because of the high variability in color.